EFFWORDS: The Party Game where Scrabble meets Cards Against Humanity

EFFWORDS is a party game of fake words and wacky definitions. The rules are simple. Each round, one player uses letter tiles to create a fake word, and the other players anonymously submit their funniest definition cards to define the word. The player who submitted the best definition earns points. Complete an optional challenge for bonus points.

Think Scrabble meets Cards Against Humanity.

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How to Play EFFWORDS

Interested in all the rules of our party game?
Check out the rule book for EFFWORDS or watch our How To Play video.

Rule book EFFWORDS Short How to Play video
Challenge Cards
Fake word, HITTATOT
Reviews of EFFWORDS

"EFFWORDS strikes a fantastic balance between creativity, silliness, and strategy. You'll often surprise yourself with hilarious new words that seem like they should've already existed. Give this a shot. You won't regret it!"
- Eric Douglas, Game Programmer at PeopleFun

"This is a rather effed-up and addicting game, especially if you have a mind like me."
- Chase Feiger, Cofounder of Wearable Intelligence

"As you learn to craft the perfect fake words, you are in for some good chuckles, and once the definitions are read, laughs are guaranteed."
- Eric Bates, VP of Sales and Marketing at The Bandmans Company

"Perfect for people who like board games and have fun being ridiculous."
- Laura Tanenbaum, Graduate Student in Biotechnology at MIT

“Fast-paced and plenty of laughs! Scrabble-creativity with hilarious definitions are wrapped in this game. It’s great with a drink in one hand and a definition card in the other!”
- Tanner Hegefeld, Graduate Student in Medicine at UNT Health Science Center

"I gotta play this again!"
- Diane Gall, Medical Assistant at Oklahoma Heart Hospital

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About the creators Image of Justin Berman

Justin Berman, Game Designer - Justin created the idea for EFFWORDS after losing numerous loved ones to the overly competitive and dastardly board game, Scrabble. His goal is for you and your family to spend hours of wonderful quality time effing up the English language.

A big shoutout to Michelle Nguyen, a recent Georgetown Law graduate, who helped us flesh out the idea for the game! Michelle even came up with about 100 completely outrageous definitions!

Shoutout to Michelle Shoutout to James

Finally, another big shoutout to James Jillson, a recent graduate from SMU with a Master of Arts in Arts Management and a Master of Business Administration. He participated in numerous playtests and suggested many excellent gameplay ideas. He also helped tremendously with the business side of EFFWORDS.

Sample definition cards for EFFWORDS